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Dream 16" Feng Wind Gong

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Dream 16" Feng Wind Gong

We are an independent, family-run high street musical instrument shop based in Manchester, UK. A three-floor superstore, all instruments and equipment. Established over 55 years in the same spot on Oxford Road. We sell everything from Guitars to Accordions, Drum Kits to Didgeridoos, Banjos to Synthesizers, Gu Zhengs to Ouds. We specialise in both new and pre-owned gear. 
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Sometimes referred to as a “wind gong”, the Feng has a constantly evolving tone, from a gentle murmur to thunderous explosions. Faster attack, explosive full-frequency sound, and a shorter duration differentiate the Feng gong from the Chau gong. The gong is flat, has no lip and is fully lathed on both sides, contributing to its distinctive look. Available from 6" to 60"+ each comes with a mallet. Stand sold separately.

Dream take their gongs very seriously. Only the finest hand-hammered gongs made in the ancient Chinese traditions are selected. All gongs are of orchestral quality and some, like the exclusive tuned M-Baos, represent a new era in dependable tuned instruments available the world over. With stock of all sizes and styles on three continents, Dream offers the most comprehensive selection of quality gongs in the world.

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